Small homage to Charlie Parker

Don DeLillo, Falling Man, beginning of chapter 10: woman finds herself in the middle of a mass demonstration.

“A man came up to her, slouching out of the crowd, black man, hand on heart, and said, ‘This here’s Charlie Parker’s birthday’.
He was almost looking at her but not quite and then moved on and said the same thing to a man wearing a T-shirt inscribed with a peace sign and in his reproachful tone she caught the implication that all these people, these half million in their running shoes and sun hats and symbol-bearing paraphernalia, wwere shit-faced fools to be gathered in this heat and humidity for whatever it was that had brought them here when they might more suitably be filling these streets, in exactly these numbers, to show respect to Charlie Parker on his birthday.”

Here’s to you, Charlie Parker! birthday or not…

Charlie Parker Septet 1946 ~ Ornithology (Take 3)
Recorded: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, March 28, 1946
Personnel: Charlie Parker – Alto Sax Miles Davis – Trumpet Lucky Thompson – Tenor Sax Arvin Garrison

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