Lars von Trier & Medea

In our previous post, we talked about Medea by Pasolini.

A lesser known filmic version was made by Lars von Trier early in his career. It was made for Danish television in 1988, inbetween Epidemic (1987) and Europa (1991).
Using a script Carl Theodor Dreyer wrote but never turned into film, von Trier focusses on Medea’s search for revenge. More than in Pasolini’s film, Iason is simply a selfish bastard, and Medea only a passer-by he tries to banish.

The film is turned in a misty landscape, and the humidity on screen gets a grip on everyone. Its strong emotional undertone will drive Medea into an act of despair that – even if it is the murder of her own children – seems like an act of love…

Until now, there’s only a mediocre dvd from Facets available, the Italian version for which the Youtube fragment provides a link, is not any better …


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